Billiard Room Design

Billiard Room Decor

Billiard Room Decor

Billiard is really a fun game, which is also often a family game loved by all the members. That is why, many homes have special billiard room especially those people who love to entertain friends and guests at home instead of at clubs. The die-hard fans of billiards love to create unique and incredible billiard room decor. In fact, for the fans of billiards, playing games is just half the fun and the other half comes from wonderful billiard room

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Billiards Room Decorating Ideas

Billiards Room Decorating Ideas

The first thing to consider when thinking about billiards room decorating ideas is the amount of available space. The adult regulation size of a billiard table is 4 1/2 feet by 9 feet. Children’s tables are usually about 7 feet long. To better accommodate the space, most homeowners opt for an 8 foot table. Players should be able to shoot comfortably from all sides of the pool table. A good plan is to give the shooter 4-6 feet of space

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