Cute Garden Sheds

Get Inspired with Beautiful Garden Shed Pictures

Get Inspired with Beautiful Garden Shed Pictures

A shed is the perfect catchall for tools, equipment, and gardening supplies. A shed is also wonderful furniture for your garden or outdoor space. Get inspired to build a shed in your backyard with these great ideas from garden shed pictures. Gallery of Garden Shed Pictures Picture One: Formal Garden Potting Shed Formal Garden Potting Shed If you love to garden, a potting shed is a must. And to make your garden and potting shed work together, match the style

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Cool Backyard Sheds

Cool Backyard Sheds

A backyard shed doesn't have to be used strictly for gardening---there are other uses it can support as well. A garden shed is oftentimes a small, neglected, seldom-used outbuilding on farms or other properties that may or may not lack electricity, a wood floor and heat. Most are replaced by barns, which offer more amenities, but cool backyard sheds can be revamped to accommodate a use that will be handy and helpful. Chic Backyard Shed Ideas to Build Cool Backyard

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Small Toilet Design Pictures

Small Toilet Design Pictures - Thirty or 40 years ago, most houses, even big ones, had a single, modest-size bathroom with small toilet design pictures for the whole family. Probably you’ve read somewhere that baths back then averaged around 5 by 10 feet, smaller than a lot of area rugs. You perhaps know for a fact that your moms and their siblings grew up sharing one that was barely larger than the coat closet in

Ideas for Pop Art Interiors

Ideas for Pop Art Interiors - Pop art interiors appropriates and repurposes images of people, creatures, products, symbols and objects from popular culture for use in original artwork. The pop art movement initially began in the 1950s and saw a resurgence in the 1980s. Artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons and Katharina Fritsch rank among influential pop artists. Pop Art Bright Interior Style Pop art often comes in the form of paintings, sculptures

Ideas for Beach House Designs

Ideas for Beach House Designs - Learn about styles of beach homes for vacations, retirement, second homes and rental properties. Houses built on shorelines offer the advantages of outdoor living and typical features include large porches, sun decks extending out over the water, outside rooms and piers for tethering your boat. Types of beach house designs, also described as coastal and waterfront homes, range from simple one-story cottages to modern multistory homes. Beach House Design Idea

Kitchens Green Tiles: Recycled Tiles for Backsplashes

Kitchens Green Tiles: Recycled Tiles for Backsplashes - Kitchens green tiles - It's easy to love recycling when the result is pure eye candy, like these ecofriendly tiles. Sustainable tile choices for the kitchen backsplash boil down to two main types: glass and ceramic, all comprised in part of recycled content. We generate a lot of waste In the United States: 210 million tons annually. Recycled-content tiles are a great way to repurpose or "up cycle" waste otherwise

Build a Home Movie Theater

Build a Home Movie Theater - A home movie theater is no longer the purveyance of dreamers and the super-rich. While it's not cheap to do, the components to assemble one are readily available and can go far beyond basic home theaters to something very close to a genuine movie theater experience. Preparation is the key. Batman Home Theater Home Movie Theater: Materials and Building Steps Before starting your project, you should prepare all these following

Kitchen Colors Ideas

Kitchen Colors Ideas - Looking for the perfect paint kitchen colors ideas? Add pizzazz to your kitchen with the perfect color palette. Even a hint of color can give your kitchen an instant facelift. Get started with ideas from these inspiring colorful kitchens, painted in shades of blue, green, red, yellow, and every color imaginable, plus cozy neutrals and crisp whites. Kitchen Colors Ideas: A Gallery Picture One: Bold Kitchen Decor Bold Kitchen Decor

Mediterranean Patio Ideas

Mediterranean Patio Ideas - People inspired by the golden sun-drenched Tuscan landscape or bright azure Grecian waters can renovate their patios to fit a Mediterranean theme. Hugo Latymer and Niccolo Grassi, authors of the book, "The Mediterranean Gardener," explain that the ancient Romans placed great attention on this space and treated the patio as an "outdoor living room." If your patio is currently lackluster, adopting any commonly found on Mediterranean patio ideas can instantly