Doors For Tight Spaces

Different Types of Doors for Small Spaces

Different Types of Doors for Small Spaces

The definition of a door is, according to, "a usually swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened." Doors are present in the walls of most structures, allowing access within and egress to the outside. There are many types of doors for small spaces serving specific purposes. Doors provide security, prohibit sound and air movement, allow light to enter a room, conceal spaces and serve as architectural elements in a home or building. Types of

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How to Separate a Room without a Wall? - San Francisco's rich architectural history has filled the city with beautiful and varied buildings, some of which have floor plans that don't match the expectations of modern residents. If your new apartment used to be part of a single-family dwelling, you might want to divide an oddly shaped mystery room into more useable spaces. If you're sharing a one-bedroom with a roommate or two, simple partitions can come in handy

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Small Hallway Decorating Ideas - Many times hallways are neglected when it comes to decorating. We tend to focus on the more common and larger spaces that we really live in. However, hallways are actually a part of the home where you can be more imaginative. All you need are a few small  hallway decorating ideas to get you started for the creativity to flow. Small Hallway Decor Idea Small Hallway Decorating Ideas: Basic Things