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Wooden House Design Surrounded by Nature in India

Wooden House Design Surrounded by Nature in India

Wooden House Design - The following is a spacious contemporary house concept and is a project designed by SPASM Design Architects. the design of this property is located in Pune, India. for the Division of spaces seems to be natural but still required a complex process to do that. and the result is a functional design with smart combination between indoor and outdoor areas. House design seems to have been divided into one unit the main living space with an extra

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One of Modern Shingle Style Homes in Connecticut

One of Modern Shingle Style Homes in Connecticut - Modern Shingle Style Homes - What does your dream home look like? If you always imagine living in a shingle style home by the water, let’s talk about this stunning home. This shingle style home is for sale and you couldn’t help but imagine living here. Dream Shingle Style Home Stunning Architecture of Dream Shingle Style Homes This is really one of dream modern shingle style homes which everyone wants

Backyard Deck Ideas

Backyard Deck Ideas - You can transform your outdoor space and add to the value and visual appeal of your entire home with the right backyard deck ideas. The options for style, design and scope for your deck project are almost limitless, so it can help to get some inspiration early on. A Deck with Outdoor Bar Tips for Backyard Deck Ideas One of the first things to keep in mind for your backyard

Backyard Home Office Ideas

Backyard Home Office Ideas - Spending much time in your home office along the day to do your office tasks sometimes would make you feel stress and bored. How is the way to manage that stressful thing? Of course you would have your own way to release and vanish your stress and boredom. Maybe you would think to take a nap, going to the nice place, or chatting with your family. Yes, those are great

How to Build Modern Bed Designs?

How to Build Modern Bed Designs? - The clean lines of modern bed designs frame create a simple, low-stress feel to the bedroom. You can spend lots of money buying slabs of wood to set your bed on, or you can spend an afternoon building your own. Beginning woodworkers should be able to complete this project without assistance, and experienced do-it-yourselfers can knock this bed out in about an hour. These plans will build a queen-size bed.

Ideas for Modern Bar Designs

Ideas for Modern Bar Designs - Many people are interested in creating modern bar designs for their home, one of the latest trends in home design. While some may be intimidated when picking out furniture and accessories, creating a bar that is as attractive as it is functional is relatively easy. Blue Modern Designs Models Smart Essential Ideas for Modern Bar Designs Bar Styles - There are many different types of bars that fit well into

Greenhouse Ideas Pictures

Greenhouse Ideas Pictures - Small Greenhouse Design You don't have to live in Saskatchewan to think about building a greenhouse. All but the most tropical climates have seasons of frost and cold weather. A greenhouse can help you extend your growing season, give seedlings an early start and even give you a place to shelter plants such as succulents or tropical plants that don't grow naturally in your temperate zone. Below we present some

All about French Style Interior

All about French Style Interior - Mystery, romance and comfort are the core of French style. French style interior offers an elegant and cozy atmosphere in home. Dreamy light colors for walls and linens add float curtaining and lots of delicate accessories are some basics of French interior. French Style Interior: Furniture Light carving on furniture frames and slight designs add more beautiful look to your furniture in French style. French country style uses upholstered furniture