Victorian House Decorating Games

Achieving Victorian House Decor

Achieving Victorian House Decor

Victorian house decor is an extremely popular type of interior design, and it's easy to pull off in just about any home. The things to remember are texture, detail, and color to make your Victorian decor successful. Red Victorian Dining Room Color is extremely important in Victorian decorating. Some of the most popular colors are in the red and purple family, from dark pinks to burgundies and reds. Deep green is also very popular, along with mauve and purple. The

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Characteristics of Victorian Furniture Style

Characteristics of Victorian Furniture Style - Victorian furniture style can blend well in many different types of homes, but they look exceptional in old Victorian homes. The Victorian era, which lasted from 1837 to 1901, was the period of time in which Queen Victoria was on the throne in England. The artistic style that was popular during her reign became known as “Victorian” and if the style had to be described in one word, that word